Polyacrylamide PAM,PAC,Water Treatment Chemicals Supplier Anionic 3a molecular sieve aluminum spacer glass desiccant

3a molecular sieve aluminum spacer glass desiccant

molecular sieve 3a - glassmatgroup.com

Molecular sieve 3A - glassmatgroup.com

Molecular Sieve 3A is a kind of highly absorbent desiccant specially designed for insulating glass. Its lattice pore is so small 3A (1A=10-10 m) that it can only absorb water ; Hence, Molecular Sieve 3A have much better function of drying capacity than clay desiccant or silica gel desiccant, alumina desiccant and any others.

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ceca’s siliporite® molecular sieves for insulated glass

CECA’s Siliporite® molecular sieves for insulated glass

Molecular sieves must show a high water adsorption capacity at low moisture levels (below 10%) that will ensure high durability of the glass. It is a must that 3A molecular sieves are used to avoid co-adsorption of air which would translate into glass deflection and deflection of the glass panel.

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the role of molecular sieve in insulating glass

The role of molecular sieve in insulating glass

3A insulating glass (IG) desiccant is made from molecular sieve 3A. This IG desiccant can deeply co-adsorb resident moisture and organics in insulating glass, keep the IG clear and transparent even at very low outside temperature, prevent the condense of inside vapor.

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3a molecular sieve - 3a molecular sieve exporter

3A Molecular Sieve - 3A Molecular Sieve Exporter

SYNCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED - Exporter, Manufacturer, Service Provider, Distributor & Supplier of 3A Molecular Sieve based in Jodhpur, India

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molecular sieve desiccant for insulating glass

Molecular sieve desiccant for insulating glass

An insulated glass unit is composed of two glass lites at least. These are separated by a space filled with air or a special gas (argon, krypton, SF6, etc.). The lites are supported and separated by a spacer and then sealed. Water from the air and solvents from the sealant can be trapped inside the unit.

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molecular sieves | molecular sieves desiccants

molecular sieves | Molecular Sieves Desiccants

Molecular Sieve 3a avoid the fogging, a desiccant is introduced between the two glass lites to ensure the gas space is water-free there is the number of adsorbents available in the market, but only molecular Sieve 3a adsorbents desiccants, guarantee a water-free space for years in industry condition.

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3a molecular sieve desiccant - aluminum spacer,ig sealant

3A Molecular sieve desiccant - Aluminum spacer,IG Sealant

The pore size of 3A molecular sieve is 3A; it is mainly used for adsorbing water without adsorbing any molecule whose diameter is larger than 3A. According to the characteristics of industrial application, the molecular sieve has fast adsorption speed, regeneration times, crushing strength and anti-pollution ability, which improves the utilization efficiency of molecular sieve and prolongs the

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molecular sieves | page 1 | glassonweb.com

Molecular sieves | Page 1 | glassonweb.com

Shanghai L&C Desiccant Co.,ltd is one of biggest molecular sieve manufactories in Shanghai China, it has 4 producing lines, total capacity is 10000mt/year. It is specialist in molecular sieve (insulating glass), it also has certification ISO9001 and En1279-2. We warmly welcome our clients all over the world and expect cooperation with you.

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warm edge spacer - glassmatgroup.com

Warm edge spacer - glassmatgroup.com

Molecular sieve 3A During production of IGU, both mill finish and colored aluminum spacer bar should use the correspond accessories. Standard Aluminum spacer bar should use Plastic corner key to connect four corners; while Bendable Aluminum spacer bar should use Steel Straight Connectors to connect two ends.

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china 3a, 4a, 5a, 13x natural zeolite molecular sieve

China 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X Natural Zeolite Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve 3A and insulating glass desiccant If use other molecular sieve as desiccant, these molecular sieves can also adsorb nitrogen or oxygen in air at lower temperature, and could release air at higher temperature, the inflated and shrinking air could cause window to be distorted with the temperature changing at day-night or seasons changing.

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