Cationic Polyacrylamide

Cationic Polyacrylamide

It has functions of decolorization, adsorption, turbidity removal and adhesion.

Product Description:

Cationic polyacrylamide (also named dewatering agent) is a linear polymer copolymerized by cationic monomers and acrylamide. It has functions of decolorization, adsorption, turbidity removal and adhesion.


Product Physical Form Solid content
Anionic Charge Molecular Weight
Cationic Off-White Granular Solid ≥90 Low Low
Medium Low
High Low


Sludge Dewatering: 

According to the sludge properties to choose product model, which can effectively dewatering gravity sludge before sludge enters pressure filtration. When dewatering, it produces large flocs, non-sticking filter cloth, non-dispersing, less dosage, high dewatering efficiency and less than 80% moisture content of mud cake.

Treatment Of Sewage And Organic Wastewater

This product has positive electricity in acidic or alkaline media, so flocculating and precipitating the sewage with negative charge of suspended particles in sewage is very effective, such as alcohol factory wastewater, brewery wastewater, monosodium glutamate factory wastewater, sugar factory wastewater, meat and food factory wastewater, beverage factory wastewater, textile and dyeing factory wastewater, etc. The effect of cationic polyacrylamide is several times higher than anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salt, because the wastewater generally include negative charges.

Flocculant For Water Treatment In Waterworks

The product has the characteristics of low dosage, good effect and low cost. Especially, it is better to mix with inorganic flocculant.

Oilfield Chemicals       

such as clay anti-swelling agents, thickeners for oilfield acidification, etc.

Papermaking Auxiliaries

Cationic PAM paper reinforcer is a water-soluble cationic polymer containing carbamoyl group. It has the functions of reinforcement, retention and filter aid. It can effectively improve the strength of paper. At the same time, the product is also a highly effective dispersant.

Packing Storage Notes

The product package is 25KG/bag, can be customized according to customer’s needs. Dry powder products can absorb moisture and agglomerate when exposed for a long time. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, effective storage period is 2 years.

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