High Quality Polyacrylamide PAM

High Quality Polyacrylamide PAM

Our products have been used in many oilfields and reached the world advanced level.

PAM polyacrylamide crystals

Product overview

We company – China Polyacrylamide Manufacturer, which produces 25 million-33 million high molecular weight polyacrylamide, mainly used in oil displacement, incense making and other industries. According to different application conditions, it can be divided into pre-hydrolysis and post-hydrolysis processes. Its quality index is stricter than ordinary anionic polyacrylamide. DCS automatic control is adopted in production system. , completed Boyuan PAM product capacity and quality upgrade, the main technical indicators are as follows:

Technical index

Physical From: Off-White Granular Solid Or Powder

Molecular Weight: 25-30 million

Hydrolysis Degree: 25%-40%

Mainly Application 

Due to economic and technological reasons, polymer flooding is still the most potential and valuable three-recovery technology in the current and future. The relative molecular weight is about 25 million, and the high molecular weight polyacrylamide with low water-soluble substance is the main variety for oil displacement at present. Our products have been used in many oilfields and reached the world advanced level.Polyacrylamide PAM

Packing Storage Notes

The product package is 25KG/bag, can be customized according to customer’s needs. Dry powder products can absorb moisture and agglomerate when exposed for a long time. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, effective storage period is 2 years

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